Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Air Show

July 31, 2010

We decided to go to the Arctic Thunder Air Show at Elmendorf Air Force Base. For me it brought back memories of childhood. I grew up a mile away from Hill AFB in Layton, Utah. We used to climb up onto our roof and watch the Air Show. For Brett it simply brought out the kid in him...

A tragic accident occurred while preparing for the show and 4 people were killed -- in memory of the people who died they flew the Missing Man Formation. It was really touching. It begins with 4 planes flying together in a group and then one flies straight up ahead of the group and the other 3 continue in the same formation as before so it's obvious to see that one plane is missing. It's tough to explain, but I got choked up a bit!

Lauren is such a character! She had a tough time keeping her ear
muffs in the right spot on her head!

Who sleeps at an air show? Somehow I managed! HAHA!
I told you I grew up by an AFB!

Grandma and Corinne

Torsten has such a sweet little smile and cute dimples!

What a fun little outing! :)

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