Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Arizona for Turkey Day!

We met up with the Aegerter side for Thanksgiving in Arizona. Woohoo! John and Jamie moved to Arizona in August and offered to host Thanksgiving so we could enjoy a little fun in the sun. 

Brooke and I, along with our babies, arrived a few days before the rest of the family. One night Brooke, John, Jamie and I stayed up until the early morning hours playing Mario Bros on the Wii. We laughed so hard telling stories about when we were kids. 

Most of our days were spent swimming and chatting. One day we walked around an outdoor shopping center and came across a Santa village. We let all of the kids sit on Santa's lap. I wasn't sure how Evy would react to a bearded stranger, but she LOVED him. She smiled and played with his puffy, white beard and soft, furry suit. It was so adorable. Unfortunately, they wouldn't allow us to take our own pictures and I wasn't going to pay $40 dollars for a picture package! 

Cute Noah gobbling his Thanksgiving feast! This baby is a TANK!

Fresh squeezed lemonade. We picked the lemons that morning. So yummy!

Evy snuggling with her Aunt Brookie! I can't even count the number of times I did this with Brooke's babies. It's so fun to watch her be an aunt to my little one.

We celebrated Luke's 5th BIRTHDAY!

Any time you're with John it's guaranteed FUN! He arranged for Brooke and her two older boys to go to a basketball game. Luke ended up opting out so Benton went in his place. After they left I think Luke realized what he had was missing out on and said, "But those are the people I usually play with."

 Sleepy baby with Aunt Jamie
 Evy with her cousins Graham and Noah
 Hollywood baby!
 Evy loved the water. I was afraid it might be too cold, but she just kicked around and watched her cousins play.
 This girl sure loves her Daddy!
All tuckered out after a day of swimming
 Uncle John with baby Evs
 We bought Evy this fun little floaty! She loved it. I'm sure it'll get a lot of use next summer. 

 Uncle John rented jet skis one afternoon and we had a blast playing at the beach and in the lake. At this point I was still paranoid about having Evy out of my sight, but my family convinced me to take a ride with Brett and it was so much fun!

 Evy lovin' Aunt Jamie!
 Grandma and Grandpa with all of their grandchildren.

Christmas light at Mesa Temple. It was so enjoyable to look at the light without layers and layers of coats, hats, and gloves. 

 Brooke with her four adorable baby boys! She's such a sweet mommy!
 Our family in front of the temple.

As always Thanksgiving left us with grateful tummies and grateful hearts!

4th Month

 Evy has so much to say - she just can't quite get it out!

Such a happy baby ALL of the time! It's incredible! We sure got lucky.
I fear our next baby will be extra naughty to make up for such a sweet big sister.

 Headed out for a walk to the Newman's apartment. 
In November Evy had her first formula bottle :(
At the end of breastfeeding Evy would start crying like she was starving. After a couple weeks of hoping my milk supply would catch up we offered her a bottle and she drank 8 OUNCES that night. We started supplementing a couple of ounces of formula after she breastfed and that seemed to satisfy her. Poor baby. It makes me sad to think she was so hungry. 

 Helping Mommy with laundry. Never ending laundry. At least I get to fold cute baby clothes in the mix. That always makes it more fun!

Devil's Head Fire Lookout

November 3, 2012

The Lambs invited us to hike Devil's Head Fire Lookout with them and we had such a great time. What's new? We always have a great time when we hang out with the Lambs! We're just glad they still want to hang out with us now that we have a baby!

Brett and I took turns carrying Little Evy Foo Foo! 

Denver Zoo

 October 30, 2012

Evy and I joined the Richardson girls for an outing to the Denver Zoo. 

What fun friends we have!



Mmmmm pumpkin! Next year she'll be begging for candy!

The Saturday before Halloween our ward held a Trunk or Treat. Evy was dressed as a little bear. I had ordered a bunny hat, but it didn't arrive in time so we had to improvise.

That night we went to a Halloween party at the Richardson's house. Brett was dressed as a monkey trainer. We had such a great time!

On Halloween night we had a few friends over for Halloween themed treats. 
I can't wait to take Evy Trick or Treating next year!