Wednesday, January 30, 2013

4th Month

 Evy has so much to say - she just can't quite get it out!

Such a happy baby ALL of the time! It's incredible! We sure got lucky.
I fear our next baby will be extra naughty to make up for such a sweet big sister.

 Headed out for a walk to the Newman's apartment. 
In November Evy had her first formula bottle :(
At the end of breastfeeding Evy would start crying like she was starving. After a couple weeks of hoping my milk supply would catch up we offered her a bottle and she drank 8 OUNCES that night. We started supplementing a couple of ounces of formula after she breastfed and that seemed to satisfy her. Poor baby. It makes me sad to think she was so hungry. 

 Helping Mommy with laundry. Never ending laundry. At least I get to fold cute baby clothes in the mix. That always makes it more fun!

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