Saturday, July 10, 2010


Rams, Midge and I went rafting with some ladies from Rams' church. We had a GREAT time! I absolutely love river rafting!!

Part way through the trip the guide asked if anyone would like to jump in and float down the river for a while - Sounded great to me so I hopped in! Bbbbrrrr!

After rafting Brett and the 3 little girls met up with us at a campsite where we stayed the night. He babysat all day and the girls had a great time with Uncle Brett - he gave them treats, took them to McDonald's, went on a bike ride with them and taught them the "Poop Goes in the Potty" song! HAHA! They were delighted AND HYPER!

That night we roasted some hotdogs, corn and marshmallows over the fire, played for a little while and then headed to bed!

The whole gang!
We don't go anywhere without our matching Alaska Grown hoodies! Oops!

Yummy corn! I love these little stinkers!

We got to try out our new tent and sleeping bags! Brett was pretty excited! Haha! In the morning we had one little creature crawl into our tent...

She was cute! So...

...we decided she could stay!!

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