Sunday, September 4, 2011

Denver Botanical Gardens

We went to the Denver Botanical Gardens this past week. It was free day so we figured we would take advantage of the opportunity and check it out! You may assume that when I say "we" I mean Brett and I, but for all future posts "we" will likely refer to Leisl, Rachel, Kayden and myself.

Allow me to introduce the lovely people pictured below...

Starting from the stroller and moving right - meet Kayden. He is our very sweet, happy and snuggly neighbor.

Next is Rachel (Kayden's mom). Her husband Darin is a "D1" (first year dental student) at University of Colorado with Brett. We have all sorts of random connections - small world!

Next is Leisl. Her husband Andy is ALSO a "D1" at University of Colorado. We actually met Leisl and Andy in Alaska, we were in the same ward, but never spent much time together.

We now all live in the same apartment complex and it's been such a blessing. Our husbands aren't around much, so we spend A LOT of time together and it's wonderful! So happy to have these ladies to endure the next 4 years with and I'm so grateful that Brett has their husbands as study buddies and friends. I'm telling' ya - it was meant to be!

Well, now you've met the crew or at least the "better halves."

The gardens were beautiful!

Kayden had a great time playing in a little stream in the Children's Garden.

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Ice-Cold Goat's Milk said...

Lex, I'm so glad you have great gals to do stuff with while you get through the next 4 years--seriously a blessing and "meant to be" as you say!