Tuesday, January 19, 2010


First, a sad confession, Brett and I don't have ONE picture of the two of us together on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day this year :(

Despite that tragedy, Christmas was really fun this year! For the first time in at least two years, and the last time in who knows how long to come, all of my siblings and their spouses/children were together on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! It's a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! With everyone growing up and getting married, our schedules don't always match up, so it was really exciting to be together this Christmas! :)

On Christmas Eve we ate a yummy dinner and then acted out the nativity story...
Mary and Joseph
Cute little Shepherd BUNS!
I'm sure wisemen carried stuffed dogs on their shoulders!!
I'm the angel standing on the couch! (I wrapped curling ribbon around my head)

After we got the kids, including Brett, in bed - I helped my sister wrap presents! It was so fun! I was running off of pure adrenaline! Christmas morning came VERY fast! It was great though! I love watching kids on Christmas morning! :)

Tired Dad (Brad) with the boys on Christmas morning!
He had been up late for many nights in a row making these awesome tractors!
Tate, Luke, Ben
This year is my parents' 30th wedding anniversary. My Dad got my Mom an anniversary band with 5 stones, one for each kid! She was SO EXCITED!
Cute Brett opening the stocking he has had since he was a kid!
Christmas Day we ate fondue with our extended family and played games all night! :)

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