Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Easter

Sorry, this post is a few weeks late, but both Brett and I have been busy, busy with finals! Brett is now done and I have one more week. HOORAY! I'm really looking forward to a great summer. We had a fun Easter Sunday. We began the day by going to a mission farewell for Liz in Brett's research lab. Her talk was wonderful!

We then came home and had a lovely dinner with my family. My mom made bunnies out of the dinner rolls. Creative woman!

Then we opened our Easter baskets. The "Easter Bunny" brought a special basket for my parents this year with their favorite candies, South Pacific the movie, and a pooping chicken. (Brett's choice!)

My Mom asked Brett to give a little lesson about The Law of the Harvest. Despite how it appears, he did a really great job! Narcolepsy is an Aegerter family trait.

We then had a fun Easter egg hunt and finished the evening off by watching, the traditional, Ben Hur! Jamie, John's wife, wasn't able to join us because she was at the play Wicked with her family - but it was great to have John around! Jamie had a blast too! :)

Pre-Hunt Stretching!

Ben a bit down because he didn't get "the most eggs"!
Lucky for him, we sent most of our candy his way!



Stevenson Family said...

Great pictures. That one of Dad and aunt Sue killed me. So dang funny!!

Morgan, Chris, and Cairi said...

HAHAHA! Thats some serious egg hunting! Pooping chickens are the best :D I love it!

Ice-Cold Goat's Milk said...

Fun Easter! Love that Aegerter Fam.

annie said...

I wish I could find the eggs like Brett's!! Looks like a fun day!

D and A said...

me pregnant!?! you're MARRIED!!! congrats!! John..hmm..not usre he knows! lol. tell him wont cha'? :o) Tell ben hi! He is SO cute! my secret little boyfriend! haha. so how are you guys anyhow?