Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Tater Bug and a Mexican Bug

My nephew, Tater Bug (Tate), came down with the flu a few weeks ago and was terribly ill. Thankfully, he got better. Unfortunately, he passed it on to his little brother, Gukie (Luke). When Brett and I got back from our honeymoon, naturally I needed to see my nephews right away. I was already feeling a little sick from Mexico. We'll put it this way - I spent a good portion of our flight home occupying the lavatory. When we saw the kids I couldn't help but to cuddle little Gukie. He needed his Aunt Allie (that's me). Well...the next day, the combination of the original Tater Bug and the Mexican Bug had me SICK, SICK, SICK!! Brett and I spent our New Year's Eve sitting around watching movies. He kissed my forehead at midnight - brave man, considering the projectile vomiting that had occured instantly throughout the evening. Welcome to marriage Brett!! He took care of me all night; he cleaned up my vomit, rubbed my back, bought me coke, ginger ale, and sprite to calm my stomach, and anything else I needed. He slept next to me on the floor that night and when I broke out in hives from HEAD TO TOE at 4am, he and my dad perfomed some comfort measures and I was able to sleep all night and woke up feeling much better. Brett's stomach has felt a little icky the past couple of days...AH OH!!


Ken and Jan said...

I hope you two get feeling better. I'm glad that you had fun in mexico! See you in a couple days!

Chris said...

I was hoping you were enjoying your break...Break sounds like it was over too soon. Back to the old grind, stop by and see me!