Thursday, January 8, 2009

One Month Down, Eternity To Go!

On January 6th, Brett and I decided to go out on a date to celebrate our "one month anniversary". Our good friends Nikki and Matt joined us. We planned to go to dinner at PF Chang's (Thanks, Haak and Linds for the gift card) and then to a movie. We picked Matt and Nikki up at 7pm and headed to dinner. About 2 miles after the Provo Center Street exit my car started acting a little odd - the windshield wipers slowed down, the radio turned off, and the headlights started to dim until finally it COMPLETELY BROKE DOWN on the FREEWAY. Luckily we got off to the side of the road and turned our hazard lights on. Nikki and I, having had a similar experience in high school, knew just what to do. She called her sweet mom to pick us up and I called Geico to get a tow truck. Nikki also took a few pictures of the action (us sitting in the car). When Nikki's mom arrived, Brett, for some reason, decided to see if he could get the car to start and somehow it miraculously did. We were able to drive to the next exit...and that's about it! It stopped again and I called Geico AGAIN to tell them that we AGAIN needed their assistance. The boys pushed the car to the nearest gas station/Wendy's and the kind Wendy's manager, Eric, watched my car until the tow truck picked it up. He took the responsibility VERY seriously. Even as we drove away in our new transportation he was outside staring at the car. He wasn't gonna let anyone get near it! HAHA! We finally made it to PF Chang's at 8:30 and left at 10:40 - why so long you wonder? No, there wasn't a wait. Let's just say I hope that was our server's first day because he was "slower than molasses on a cold winter day". The good news is he accidentally gave us two fortunate cookies each because he forgot he had already given us some a half hour before when he originally went to print out our check.

It ended up being an adventurous and FUN night! :) Thanks Nikki and Matt for enduring it with us! Thanks John at Springville Car Care for fixing my car!


Lindsay JJ said...

Wow! I can't believe a month has gone by already! Congrats but sorry about your car. Hope it is an easy fix. Haak and I are jealous that you guys ate at pf changs. Wish we couldv'e joined you. Glad you liked our christmas present and got to draw out the experience extra long. ha ha

Erin said...

Life is an adventure.
You guys have had plenty!!!!
Here's hoping for some boring. . .