Saturday, January 31, 2009

Elder Clark K. Aegerter

Clark just sent me his digital camera memory card full of pictures and I thought I would share a few. He's LOVING his mission! He is serving in the Washington Spokane mission, which covers parts of Washington, Idaho, and Canada. He is currently in northern Idaho. He and his companion, Elder Scott, are zone leaders and he said he thinks he has found his favorite companion. "We are like brothers! We work hard and play hard," he said. My mom often receives calls from members in the areas in which he has recently served, letting her know how much his hard work was appreciated and how much he is missed. I was recently talking to a YW from one of the wards he served in and she said that during sacrament meeting every primary kid who could fit on his bench would cram in to be next to Elder Aegerter - "including my brothers," she added. One of the primary children even talked about Clark in the primary program. Everywhere he goes, he is loved!! :)



He comes home in September. At the end of each letter/email I write "RETURN WITH HONOR" he always replies,"Returning With Honor!" and that he will. We are all so proud of you, Clark!! :)


Tina said...

Ahh! That did my heart good! I miss my clarkie! I am so happy to hear he is doing so well and that he is so happy doing the Lord's work! It definitely doesn't surprise me that the members love him. Who wouldn't? Will send me his email address again please. I need to drop him a letter.
Love ya

Tina said...

I meant to say will you send me his address . . .sorry :)

Casseron said...

I love little clarkie! HAHA Miss ya Lex we definitely need to catch up!!

Stevenson Family said...

Clarkus!! I might have to steal a couple of those pics.

Caitlan McConnell said...

Wow these picture are so cool and it is fun to hear how well he is doing! Thanks for the update! Hope you are doing well too!

♥ Paul & Jewels ♥ said...

Wow! He'll be home in September already? Jas just went out last month! So obviously he still has a while!!

Hope everyhing else with your family is going well!! Keep in touch!

Richard and Carlie said...

Oh look how cute he is! Of course everybody loves him! That is so fun! My little bro leaves in 4 weeks...I'm freaking out!!!