Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dinner With The Crew

In high school a group of about 10 of us were constantly together. The boys called themselves the "Homie Pie", but collectively I'll go ahead and call us "The Crew". This past Thursday we all got together and had dinner at Chili's. Brett has made really good friends with a few of the guys - skiing, biking, and just hanging out, which makes it nice when we're all together. We had a great time at dinner catching up! Afterward, we went to the new "bachelor pad" 5 of them have moved into. Here are a few pictures: (PS I dyed my hair blackish)

Caught off guard by the camera Nikki was pointing at me, haha!
Ordering dinner (at one point the waitress wanted to fill my glass with water so she snapped at me and asked me to hand it to her - haha. I think she was having a tough night and having to deal with all of us probably didn't make it any easier.)
Apparently Chris wanted some of what Adam was having
The finger...you'll see what's coming next...
FISH HOOK!!! (Good work, Chris. He didn't even see it coming)
Hey, do you like sea food? "SEE" FOOD!!!


Chris said...

What great friends!

collinanddani said...

Ah yes "the crew"..the flashbacks of high school were I was not cool enough to be apart of the in crowd..sigh. At least you talked to me!

Brett and Lex said...

Dani, you've got it all wrong. You were the "in crowd"!! :)I was just some new girl!

Nikki Sly said...

There you go.. stealing my pictures again! :) That was way fun! Love you!

Angel said...

How fun! Its so great to get together with everyone you used to hang out with in high school. Yes you can borrow my book! Call me sometime & I can get it to you. 717-8922