Monday, November 10, 2008


This is my first "tag" - actually I think it's my second but the first time I was new to blogging and had no idea what being "tagged" even meant.

I have a strange habbit or creasing my nose like a little bunny every so often. I didn't realize I did it until my sister pointed it out and now it drives me CRAZY, but I can't stop. You will all watch for it the next time you see me! (If you haven't already noticed yourself).

Some fear snakes, spiders, or the dark and although I also fear some of those things, my biggest fear in life is FAILURE - failure to live up to my potential and to what others, myself, and the Lord know I am capable of accomplishing!

I love old movies - Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, An Affair to Remember - love them all!

I love pretty much every type of music. I choose what to listen to depending on my mood. I have some songs that calm me, some I love to sing to at the top of my lungs, some that make me want to dance, and some that call for a little air guitar! In high school we used to listen to "Du Hast" by Rammstein while warming up for volleyball games and even now when I play volleyball the lyrics (or at least the lyrics I have made up) run through my head.

I naturally have VERY thick, coarse, curly hair - we're talking tight little ringlets curly! Every time I go to get my hair colored and cut it's at least a four hour process. I try to warn the person who is going to do my hair and usually about half way through blowing it dry they say, "You weren't kidding!" - Brett has thin, fine, straight hair. I wonder what type our kids will end up with. Guess we'll see one day.

When my brother, Clark, and I were young we used to walk home from elementary school. Sometimes on cold mornings, hot afternoons, or when we just did not want to walk another step we would pretend our backpacks were jetpacks that would blast us home! It always made the walk seem faster. Now when I drive past kids who are walking home from school I think to myself, "If they only knew they had jetpacks on their backs..."

I have an incredibly recognizable laugh. My sister's laugh is also VERY recognizable and I used to make fun of her for it until people started telling me I sound just like her. In fact, all of the Aegerters have goofy laughs! I remember when I was in Primary I would always know where my parents were in the church building just because I could hear their laughs. :)

I just text Brett and he added a couple random things - I love CHEESE!! I also love to sleep on the couch - I have no idea why. It used to be that I fell asleep there and then didn't want to move, but I'll often park my little bottom right on that couch, turn on the TV and fall asleep purposely. I think a big part of it is the TV. I love falling asleep to the sound of voices. It makes me feel like someone is around watching out for me, I suppose. SORRY, that was 8 or 9!

I TAG - Tina, Cass, and Holly


Stevenson Family said...

Cute little bunny nose. You say it like it's a bad thing, but it's really cute. I've never heard the rocket story. Good one! You imaginative little kids. I can totally see you doing it. Maybe your laugh will turn into a snort too.....if you're lucky.

♥ Paul & Jewels ♥ said...

Hey Lexi!! How are you? Congrats again on the big day..I bet you're counting down! :)