Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween 2008

Since I am on a roll with this posting business I figured I would throw in a quick post about Halloween. Brett and I had originally planned to dress as a doctor and a nurse (I know, boring) but then after Brett and his roommate, Adam Coomer, got their creative juices flowing we ended up... A WHITE TRASH, DYSFUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIP! If you haven't guessed, I was the man in the middle of this love triangle. Brett and Adam looked ever so lovely that night! For an added touch, I carted around an old olive oil bottle with a brown paper bag around it. With bottle in hand and pillow in shirt we began our night - by the end of the evening I was sick of carrying those items and handed them off to Brett who then became a white trash pregnant woman with a drinking problem in the middle of a love triangle - someone call Jerry Springer! After a few parties we settled in and watched a scary movie! YIKES!

Here's the whole gang:

Brett with our friend Rose:

And last but not least...the happy couple!!


Erin said...

Looking gooooood!!! I can't decide which way I like you two better. . .the engagement photos, or these! J.k.
Of course I had to skip over here when I saw your comment Lex! So glad I can keep tabs on our favorite brother-in-law's sister-in-law! :)

Spencer and Holly said...

I hope you're planning on including these pictures in the wedding slideshow/video... if you're having one that is. You guys look great!

Casseron said...

Wow, so i'm pretty sure this is the hottest you have ever looked, maybe you should just grow a real mustache!!