Friday, October 17, 2008

Wedding Dresses!

Cute Brett has allowed me to drag him around, for hours on end, shopping for wedding clothes. We went up to Park City and found these little shirt dresses for the nieces. I hope we got the right sizes! We're thinking they will wear these dresses with black nylons and black shoes. If I find any cute hair bands I'll snatch those up. What do you think?

(Dress on left is for the older girls and on the right for the younger girls)

We also found bridesmaid dresses. I know EVERYONE says this, but I really do think they'll be able to wear these dresses again. When I tried it on for sizing (because all but one of my bridesmaids are out of the state) the waist seemed a little high - this could be a problem for our tall girls Brooke and Lindz. Hopefully it all works out! You can't go wrong with black dresses, right?

As for my dress... we have yet to find it. I just want a simple, vintage lace dress. No fluffly or shiny stuff - you'd think that would be easy to find... but no! If anyone has suggestions about where to look next, let me know. The search continues! :)


Tina said...

Cute Dresses!! Where did you find the black one? Did you look at the gaps near your house or is it exclusively in park city?
I know questions, questions, questions.
I will see what I can do!!
Love Ya

Angel said...

I love all the dresses! Especially the cute little sweater ones! They are darling. Nice choice. :)

The Van's said...

Alli! What a handsome guy you have caught! The dresses are darling too. I am so happy for you. I have always thought who ever is the lucky one to marry you he will have to be pretty special himself. And he looks like a great guy! Good luck with the preparations can't wait to see you!

Stevenson Family said...

Cute!! Those are our bridesmaid dresses? I love them! Hooray for a new dress I can wear again. The little girl dresses are cute too. My friend makes really cute bows for little girls. I'll have to send you a link to her blog and maybe the little girls can wear those.

Rich and Mari Jones said...

The nieces dresses are adorable! love them! and for your dress try looking at latter day bride, i tried on like 20 gorgeous lace dresses there that i almost got! good luck girl! xo

lovesheps said...

The little dresses are so cute!!
Brett is so sweet to be patient about dress shopping. Have you found one yet?
The date is approaching fast!!!
I'm so glad Eric & I got to meet Brett and spend time with you Alli!!

Wood & Mel said...

Great idea for getting bridesmaid dresses that they can wear again. I love that black dress! The little white sweaters are so adorable too. It will look so great having everyone match.