Sunday, August 21, 2011


My dad and Clark being the saints they are offered to drive from Alaska to Utah with Brett! I get motion sick in a rocking chair so needless to say a 3,000+ mile road trip isn't my idea of fun. (Oh, how I wish that weren't the case!) I have driven the ALCAN 3 times and although words cannot describe how beautiful it is - I figured I would sit this one out and let the men have some bonding time. Luckily my dad LOVES road trips and he still talks about how incredible the drive was. They saw wildlife, visited 6 Nat'l parks, and camped under the stars.

This pictures makes me laugh - they fit 3 grown men in a little Toyota Tacoma. They took turns driving, riding in the passenger seat, and squeezing into the back seat. My dad is about 6'7'' and he insisted on taking a turn in the back - It didn't last long. Thank heavens!

Meanwhile I was in Utah spending time with my mom and Ben and visiting close friends. We were so happy when the men arrived home safely!

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