Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

To start the weekend off with a BANG - Brett and I had a GARAGE SALE! Haha! We have accumulated way too much STUFF in just one year of marriage and we needed to earn a little cash for gas money to Alaska! It was surprisingly successful! :)

We spent the night up Hobble Creek Canyon with our friends Adam and Linds. We made tin foil dinners, dutch-oven peach cobbler, s'mores, played games, talked and had one heck of a time!

Adam, Linds and Brett

Oh! I failed to mention we had fire-roasted corn! YUMMY!

We started to get nervous that we would run out of wood so Brett and Adam, being the manly-men they are, took matters into their hands and began finding creative ways to increase our wood pile!

On Monday, Brett met up with some friends and went downhill mountain biking. I visited my granparents' and Aunt Susan's graves with my parents and Ben. It was my first time visiting Aunt Sue's grave. I was worried it would bring up past feelings of sadness, but I felt at peace. :)

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