Friday, July 31, 2009

"Hey, do you smoke weed?"

Brett and I went on a walk through Creamer's field. This property is owned by the state and used as a migratory bird sanctuary. It was a beautiful night. We walked down the trail to a moose spotting platform. When we reached the bottom of the stairs leading to the platform,we saw there were a couple of people up there so Brett yelled up to them, "Mind if we come up?" - the boy and girl acted nervous, but assured us it was okay. When we got up there it was so awkward we almost immediately turned around. After Brett tried a few times to make conversation we headed down the stairs to continue our stroll. As we were walking away, the guy yelled "Hey, do you smoke weed?" Brett replied, "No, thanks!" The rest of the night, the song Burn One Down was running through my head! Oh, Alaska!

The only wild animal we saw! Glowing green eyes!


Casseron said...

HAHA That's such a funny story! When Cam and I were in Nicaragua he got asked if he wanted weed too!!

Melissa said...

At least they were pretty straight forward about it. We had some neighbors once who asked us if we wanted to come to a poetry reading at their house. We declined but could smell pot through the walls all night. Gotta Love Alaska!

Katie said...


I love that trail but hate all the mosquitos on it.

Lindsay JJ said...

Oh Alaska...... maybe you should put rusted root on your song selection.... ha ha!