Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nicole Beth!

My good friend Nikki turned 22 yesterday! She was my first friend in Springville. We were in the same ward, played volleyball together, and were basically inseparable throughout high school. We still spend as much time together as possible. We play on a city league volleyball team together and often double date. Fortunately, Brett and Nikki's soon-to-be husband, Matt, have really hit it off! Anyone who knows Nikki loves her! She is one SPUNKY girl!!! Love ya, Nik! Hope you had a great birthday!

Heading to go country dancing in Ephraim when Nikki played volleyball at Snow College

Hanging out at Jer's in high school
The day I totally ate in on the longboard! Thanks for still being my
friend after that display of athleticism!

High School Graduation!

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Nikki Sly said...

Awe Lex what a cute post! I love you! Your the best friend ever! :)