Saturday, February 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home

My parents are home!!!!! :) Hooray!
This week with Ben ended up being challenging, but fun. We managed to get all of Ben's homework done, make it to Scouts and attend every basketball game! Phew! We went to Nickel Cade on Thursday evening and then to Madagascar 2 on Friday before we picked up my parents from the airport. They had an enjoyable time, considering their curse. Haha! My poor parents can't seem to go on a vacation without taking the terrible Utah weather with them. It rained and stormed the entire trip. They bought new swim suits and "short pants" in preparation for the tropical weather and then didn't end up putting them on once! We are so happy to have them back around! :)

Ben's Basketball Game:

Nickel Cade:

Ben got some fun toys with the tickets he won!
I LOVE motorcycle games!

Dance, Dance, Revolution! We were "booed" off the stage many times! Notice the concentration on our faces. I had to hold onto my scarf as a comfort measure - people were looking at us like we were idiots! Haha!

Saving the world from alien scum...duh!

It was hilarious to watch Ben play this game!

Madagascar 2: The movie was fun! We took this picture in the theater AFTER the movie was over and the credits had run. The people behind us were not pleased with the flash so we weren't able to get a better shot (I don't blame them). Sorry, folks!
SLC Int'l Airport: We were VERY early picking my parents up so Ben slept in the back and Brett and I chatted in the front until they arrived. Ben still looks a little drowsy! Haha!


Ice-Cold Goat's Milk said...

Nice job, guys!!!

Zac & Kami Price said...

Hi married woman! I just found you on here. I'm new to this whole blogging thing but so far it's fun to find people and get up to date on all the happenings. You and Brett look so great and happy together. Congratulations!

momhirt said...

you look like you are loving life! that's wonderful!

Angel said...

You two will make great parents one day!! :) p.s. When are you taking NCLEX?

Kate & Jordan Van Ausdal said...

you guys are so dang cute!!