Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bretski Biking!

Brett and a few of his friends have been trying to get in as much downhill biking as possible before the snow comes. Lately they have riding a trail in Payson Canyon. Here are a few pictures from last weekend.

He had a minor accident - as Brett puts it, "I got in a fight with a tree and the tree won." He has a few bumps and bruises but undoubtedly you will still find him on some trail this weekend. Be safe, Buddy!! :)


Lindsay JJ said...

Those are cool pics Brett. Did you have a professional photographer chasing you around on the mountain? Glad you are okay.... I can't imagine how fun it would have been to have a cast or a sling for your wedding day! Be careful!!!!

Kristen and Brandon said...

Your engagements are so adorable!