Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Get in the boat, fishy fishy!"

I hate eating fish...but I sure LOVE fishing! Thanks to Grandma Johnson, who took care of the kids, all of the "siblings" got to float and fish the Kenai River. This trip was full of many firsts... first time I wore waders, first time I saw a bear in the wild, and first time I was "bitten" by a fish! Haakon, Brett's brother, safely navigated our trip down the river while the girls (Lindz, Rams, and I) enjoyed the ride and the view from the front of the boat. Brett was somewhere in the back. Sorry, Bretski! Thanks to Haakon I got to reel in a fish (this is the same fish that "bit" me). We ended our trip with a stop at Gwin's Lodge for dessert! :) Apparently it's tradition, a tradition I will not break! Delicious, especially after a long day of fishing! :)

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